Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Website, Social Media and Non-Profit Sector

Website, Social Media and Non-Profit Sector
Welcome to Social Media Statistics

By Gary Davies
The use of Internet media and social media by nonprofit organizations is likely to increase. Nonprofit organizations from around the world became aware of the benefits of the internet. Many organizations see the Internet as an easy revenue for the fund-raising through the website, Facebook, and Twitter, or other social media that reaches hundreds of

There are two types of social media networks: In-house and commercial. A network of in-house designed 'in-house' specifically for the use of members and supporters of nonprofit organizations or specific or rather the non-profit network of friends and relatives, school, social taupun. A commercial site is a site built and owned organistaion or corporation. Facebook and Twitter commercial network of the most widely used by nonprofit organizations, and not coincidentally, the two most popular social networking sites on the Internet. Facebook and twitter become a leader in social media tools for the company, besides still considered safe also has superb facilities such as facebook pages that accommodate more like friends and

The advantage of using non-Facebook in conjunction with the website grows. Facebook is a social networking site's most commercially used by nonprofit organizations. 86% of non-responding advantage of Social Networking Nonprofit Survey, conducted by the Nonprofit Technology Network, uses Facebook to traffic fundraising, awareness and driving to their own web sites. Especially for Internet users in the world such as Indonesia's largest social media tools certainly like facebook and twitter to be a trend setter in making the Issues, a new nonprofit organization that lists each day, which is actually bad news for those that were using Facebook. It is reported that the groups and fan pages actually have seen a decline in the number of members over the last year. Still as a marketing platform Facebook provides access to 400 million members worldwide and has created a page dedicated resources to help nonprofit organizations use this site.

Twitter is a social networking site with the greatest increase in users of non-profit. The average number of followers grew from 286 in 2009 to 1792 followers in 2010, that increased 627%. 60% of nonprofit organizations from the same survey using Twitter, many in conjunction with Facebook to increase their support base.

So what exactly is a nonprofit hopes to get out of using the internet?
Twitter, Facebook and Blogs help to open up a nonprofit organization, shows the public what it takes to carry out the work they do and their need for support.
Social networks and professional networks can help smaller nonprofits connect with others in their industry.
Promotional events and campaigns.
Fundraising and maintaining donor connection.
Looking for volunteers, employees, and supporters from abroad and other sectors of society.

Nonprofit organization that seems most pleased with the results of their use of social media and sites are also non-profit organization committed the most resources, time and staff. This shows that despite the belief that the Internet is easy fundraising, some of the skills and resources necessary to make use of social media and the Internet. It seems that designing a web page and create a Facebook page is not enough to produce a good web marketing. 84.9% of survey respondents for Social Networking Nonprofit Survey reportedly employs only one quarter of full-time staff member to the internet and social marketing.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to Create a Custom eBay Store 2011

How to Create a Custom eBay Store
By Ashley H Pearson

I wrote this guide a while ago on eBay, and it helped me to become a Top 1000 Reviewer in the world, so enjoy!

I'm sure a lot of you have seen those great eBay stores, with custom designs, and thought, how the hell did they do that? I bet you've done a search for it, and only found a bunch of sites of people trying to get hundreds of £££ from you in return for a design. Are you one of those people who can design a store, but don't know how to do the code? Well this guide is for you! I am going to supply you with step by step information on how to create your very own custom store design.

If you find this guide helpful, please be sure to leave a comment!

Firstly, you will need an eBay store active, in which you have full access to. You will also need some kind of server where you can host a.CSS file in which eBay can load for the colours. If you do not have webspace, please feel free to email me at ash.pearson1@gmail.com or send me a message on eBay, and I will supply you with some free webspace to host your.CSS file and images if you so wish.